Building a Crypto Miner

Building a GPU miner can be a fun project and a great way to earn some extra money. Cryptocurrency prices can fluctuate a lot and miner profitability can change quickly. If you are a PC gamer you can experiment with your own pc. Combining some of the items below can help you expand from your home PC to a full-scale crypto mining rig. Mining can be very strenuous on your hardware so be careful when overclocking the GPU and CPU on your pc.

Miner Rack

The Miner rack is the skeleton of your GPU miner. These are designed to keep the miner cool and organized. They are also designed to stack and organize if you plan to expand your mining operation. The good news is that you can use the mining rack as a normal PC, then expand GPU's as much as you want depending on your budget.


For building a GPU miner, you need a motherboard that has many PCI and GPU slots. This allows you to connect many GPUs to the motherboard all at once. Most motherboards come with two full GPU slots and 6 or so PCI slots which basically function as GPU slots for crypto mining.


The GPU or the Graphical Processing Unit is the money maker in your mining rig. These are the devices cracking the code to produce cryptocurrency. They are operating at full capacity 24/7, you can even "carefully" overclock them to access faster processing speeds.


The CPU can contribute to overall mining but this is mostly needed to run the mining rig. You do not need an upscale CPU, you just need to find something that will work on the motherboard you choose. If you want to use your miner as a regular PC for Gaming when it is not mining. Finding a good CPU might be the right decision.

PCI Riser

The PCI riser is the way to get your GPUs up onto the mining rack. These basically work as extension cords to allow you to connect 6 or more GPUs to a motherboard all at once. The PCI ports are pretty standard, just find some quality PCI risers and you should be good to go.

Power Supply

Depending on how many GPUs your miners are using, having enough power is very important to your setup. Check the power needs of your GPUs and get power supplies as needed. When building mining rigs of 6+ GPUs you will probably need more than one power supply.


Similar to the GPU, for RAM requirements you just need enough to run the system. If you plan to use your miner as a gaming PC you definitely want to increase the amount of ram you are using. When scaling a mining operation, parts like RAM are where you can save money when building mining rigs.


For an SSD you do not need anything fancy, you basically just need enough hard drive space to store the operating system and maybe some mining software. If you plan to store more information or use the SSD for a personal computer you may need more space.

Power Button

The motherboard may or may not come with a power switch. When connecting the power switch be sure to go through the motherboard documentation to find the correct connection point. You will only need one power switch per miner.

PSU Splitter

When connecting multiple power supplies to cover the power needs of the multiple graphics cards having a PSU splitter will allow the motherboard to control the power needs of both power supplies at once. This is an essential connection to run multiple power supplies.


GPUs do come with some internal fans, but running multiple GPUs all at once close together at 100% will create a lot of heat. The GPU miner rack will have slots to fit multiple fans on your mining rack. You want to keep your miner as cool as possible with lots of airflow.


You will need a monitor to set up your miner and see the mining software. Most mining software has the tracking ability to see what miners are online and how well they are peforming. One monitor should be enough to set up multiple miners.

Keyboard & Mouse

Same as the monitor you will need a keyboard and mouse to configure each mining setup. You can use the same keyboard and mouse to set everything up.

Operating system

To set up the pc and install the mining software you will need an operating system. Nothing elaborate is needed, you could try Linux but sometimes a cheap version of Windows works easiest.

ASIC Miners

Application-Specific Integrated Circuit or ASIC miners are designed to mine specific or similar coins. These miners are very powerful but profitability can be a moving target, meaning you cant convert these to a gaming PC. You want to run these miners where noise is not an issue as they can be very loud because of their powerful fans. Professional miners purchase thousands of these miners and mine in large facilities that are designed to help cool and power the miners.

Profitability Calculator

When choosing a coin to mine or a miner or graphics card be sure to check the profatibility. Making money can be a moving target as hardware becomes obsolete quickly as well as crypto price volatility. Nicehash is a good plug-and-play mining service that can estimate the profitability of your current setup. Gaming during the day and mining when you are at work or sleeping. Nicehash is a good service to make an extra buck or help you learn the process of mining.

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